Guiding the Beans Route Arp Tigers to a winning path

Gary Adams helps FedEx ISPs become more efficient by day. On weekends he helps a group of young Texans find their own routes to success.

You won’t often see Gary Adams without his Texas sized smile while he’s working. 

As the Account Executive for Beans Route he’ll spend his day speaking with FedEx Ground ISPs from across the nation, talking about what is working, what is changing, and what challenges remain in last mile deliveries. He’s heard it all – operations that are thriving through automation and those that struggle to find the drivers they need. The good news is that if Gary doesn’t know of a software or recruiting fix, he’ll know the people who can quickly create one. That smile won’t fade, even slightly, as he works through solutions that touch all the bases for his clients.

But it is on his weekends when Gary’s work really hits it out of the park. He is the chief sponsor, benefactor, mentor and cheerleader for a group of twelve and thirteen year old ball players, the Beans Route Arp Tigers.

“This is just such a great bunch of kids”, Adams beams. “DIck’s Sporting Goods wanted them first, and they obviously have a big sponsorship budget. But we wanted them more. Now we’re one big happy team”.

Quite a successful team, at that. After a winning season, the Arp Tigers represented Texas in the USSSA World Series in Florida. An elite field of 60 teams competed, and the Tigers came in second. Just wait till next year.

Meanwhile, Gary has found an unexpected bonus for himself, since many of the parents are also involved with FedEx in Texas. “We get to sit in the sun, cheer for the kids and talk last mile deliveries between innings. That’s what I call a great afternoon.”

There is a lot to cheer for. In the World Series a Tiger hit three home runs before the other team gave up and started walking him.  It would be just fine with Gary if the young slugger continued on to the high school and college levels, maybe even turning pro.

That would be a long road for the youngster, of course. Fortunately, he has a loyal friend who is always able to find the best routes.


Beans Route is a unified software platform covering all aspects of last mile delivery and pickup operations. Feel free to email Gary if you'd like to talk about Beans Route, or baseball.


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