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Five reasons why you should visit Booth #302 at the RC Expo

FedEx Ground contractors who want smoother operations that support rapid growth are heading to the RC Expo in Las Vegas this weekend. Here is why so many are planning to visit Booth #302

FedEx Ground contractors from across the country will all be making one essential stop this weekend. The Route Consultant Expo and Party is coming to Las Vegas, where a maelstrom of last mile challenges will be seeking their latest technological solutions.

We already know that the Beans Route Booth (#302) is going to be a must-visit destination for many. Here are five reasons why:

1. Beans Route is run by people who are also FedEx Ground contractors. They don't just hear about the issues facing FXG contractors, they live them themselves every day. Our team of Silicon Valley software developers understand all the leverage points and are the fastest at designing flexible, scalable software solutions that will increase your last mile efficiency now and then stay with you as you grow. You needn't worry about outgrowing Beans software products.

2. Known best for its top level dynamic route optimization, Beans Route has now become a unified business management platform supporting all aspects of the FXG business that we know so well. The individual functions including timesheets, safety, maintenance and dispatch all talk to each other within the Beans Route platform. The result is a much smoother operation that requires less user intervention and and creates far fewer opportunities for errors or FedEx compliance violations. Your staff has the time that they need to properly grow your business.

3. Beans Route was one of the first to identify the driver shortage as something that was going to persist and create enduring problems. Early on, we formed a recruiting division to develop systems that find and recruit responsible drivers. Our advertising and vetting processes have been refined to the point where we have grown a database of 200,000+ candidates along with the ability to evaluate and place them with the right contractors.

4. We bring the top-level partners to your business. LYTX telematics is built right into the Beans Route platform to monitor drivers. Recently, Beans Route has integrated with the  Kelly Anderson Group's Final Mile Impact e-Learning program to make sure that drivers are kept current on all required safety courses. We notify drivers by email or text when a new course is required, then provide a dashboard to keep AOs and BCs up to date on their progress. We even provide the option of gating, so that a driver could not see their route if they have a safety requirement outstanding. To make things even easier, drivers can take the course right in the app they use every day.

5. We know that our clients want to grow their FXG businesses. Beans Route is all about scalability. Our products are carefully designed to be able to handle thousands of drivers as easily as dozens. Standardizing processes, error trapping and automation are our keys. Human intervention is used sparingly when needed. Beans optimization means that you will be getting the best possible usage from every vehicle, every driver. When the time comes to examine new opportunities, you can run test manifests through Beans Route to see exactly how you can grow with the lowest possible strain on your resources.

Don't miss out! The founders of Beans Route along with Route Consultant founder Spencer Patton are hosting a free live seminar covering all of these advances and more. Saturday August 20 at noon.

Reserve your spot now to see the future of FXG contracting


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