The expensive mystery of the lost scanners - solved at last

Whether they are 'borrowed' or just misplaced, missing scanners lead to frustration, expense and downtime for contractors. But all is not lost. Here is how we solved the mystery.

FedEx Ground contractors earn their living running successful routes, but they can't run a route if they don't have a scanner for it. Unfortunately, like socks in the laundry, package scanners seem to mysteriously disappear all the time, often never to be seen again. At about $1,500 apiece, having extra scanners is expensive, but not as costly as having a route delayed or canceled for lack of one, which makes 'scanner migration' a frustrating threat to contractor margins.

Beans Route can find your scanners

Mystery solved. Beans Route clients can now see the location of all of their scanners directly through their dashboard.

Why? In a busy terminal all scanners look alike and a hurried driver is apt to pick up the nearest one, even if it might belong to a different contractor. Even if it stays in the right truck, there are plenty of opportunities for a scanner to wander off. There is a route that needs to be completed and packages that need to be delivered ASAP. Where do lost scanners go? Up until now nobody really knew.

Which is why we are introducing "Find My Scanner". Now, Beans Route clients will be able to see the current location of their scanners, along with the history of which staff had been using it and when. The scanner's latest location will be available through the app 24/7, no matter where it is.

Some clients have already reported that they have been able to recover multiple 'lost' scanners, with significant savings reaching into five figures.

There is no extra cost involved for Beans Route clients. Simply contact your rep for the easy set up instructions.

Not yet a client? Not a problem. Simply contact us to find our where your scanners are.



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