Why bringing Safety Training in‑app is so important for FedEx Ground contractors

Making sure that drivers have done their safety homework has been a time consuming chore. But now it can all be handled easily, and automatically.

High school students aren't the only ones who find homework to be a time-consuming chore. Several of our FedEx Ground contractor clients have told us that keeping track of their driver's required safety training courses, while completely necessary for compliance, was taking up too much of their valuable time. Was there something that we could do to help?

We began by reviewing the list of FedEx certified safety course providers and identified the Kelly Anderson Group's Final Mile Impact e-Learning program as the standout in the field. We asked our staff to complete some of their courses and found them to be easy to access, well formatted, user friendly, intuitive and highly informative. They are available in English, Spanish and French.

Required FedEx Ground Driver Safety Courses

The driver's app can be used to take all required courses.
(Image provided by Kelly Anderson Group.)

Working closely with KAG's staff, our engineers set out to build the required courses into our app, the very same app that our client's drivers are already familiar with. The courses can be taken on the driver's phone or computer. Emails or text messages will alert drivers when there are new required courses. Our objective is to keep drivers current on their safety training by letting them know exactly what is required and by making it easy to take and complete their courses.

"Beans is a great partner in furthering safety culture,” said Laura Crawford, Manager of Final Mile Impact e-Learning. "We are extremely excited to have our safety training library be integrated with the Beans' platform."

Meanwhile, we created feedback loops so that dispatchers and managers could keep track of their driver's progress at a glance, through an expanded dashboard. Our objective here was to allow dispatchers to easily involve safety considerations in all of their daily decision making.

Drivers will not be able to see their routes unless they have completed all safety training.

Drivers will not be able to see their routes unless they have completed all safety training.


We installed one final checkpoint so that our clients would never have to deal with an accident involving a driver who was not fully up to date on their training. The app will always check the driver's safety training status before showing them their route. They will be able to immediately complete any outstanding courses first through the app and then begin their routes without risking a training liability.

"As a part of our customer commitment to continuous innovation, improvement and feedback, Beans Route wants to provide a safety solution that is fully integrated, seamless & ensures captive driver compliance without constant follow-up" explains Beans Route's Head of Business Development Vikram Sekhon.

"We are now a unified platform covering all aspects of the FedEx Ground business, including driver recruitment. Integrating the Impact e-Learning training into that already strong platform will be a game changer for the industry”.

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