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5 Benefits of investing in a Fleet Management Software

An AI-powered fleet management software help retailers to track and manage their entire fleet with the click of a button.

Fleet management is the combination of processes used by fleet managers to maintain the efficiency of vehicles and other fleet operations. Logistic businesses across all industries are swiftly considering the benefits of adopting comprehensive solutions for fleet management. It has become the need of the hour irrespective of their fleet size.

Fleet management software eliminates all the obstacles to ground operations. This information can be easily analyzed by fleet managers for better results.

According to a recent read, 96% of fleets relying on fleet management software observed a considerable cut in fuel, labor, and accident costs. 

Beans route is a machine-learning-enabled software that allows you to manage vehicle maintenance tasks. It also helps to keep your fleet operations running smoothly.  

5 benefits of using Beans Route - Top-Notch Fleet Management Software

1. Managing Fleet Remotely

Is it accurate to call your drivers and disrupt the operations of your fleet? No, the time is gone when managers used to get in touch with the drivers over the phone.

Fleet Management Software successfully bridges the gap between managers and drivers. They can stay informed about each and every concern with a simple tap or click on their mobile device. It helps in eliminating communication gaps thereby improving workforce productivity and efficient business flow and reducing time consumption. It increases the ability to improve your fleet maintenance tasks. 

Beans Route provides flexible fleet management solutions. You can access your fleet status at any point in time. The fleet managers can manage their fleet remotely. An elaborated report provided by fleet management software can be used by contractors to make informed decisions. It allows the drivers to get in touch with the admins in no time to raise real-time concerns. Facilitates a better informational exchange.

2. Improves Fleet’s Lifespan

For businesses that deal in last mile deliveries, pick up & delivery is an important metrics to take into consideration. For these businesses keeping a check on financial investment is a matter of concern. All these factors and ROI go parallel. It is evident that admins expect maximum ROI from each vehicle. Fleet managers have to ensure that the vehicles adhere to a strict maintenance schedule. They fall within the complaint guidelines. Automating this process and simplifying the admin's life is made possible by fleet management software. Monthly vehicle maintenance reports can be drawn from the software that provides insights on the inspections, reducing on-road breakdowns, etc.

Beans route is an AI-based fleet management software that allows managers to pull precise vehicle records. You can conduct pre-trip and post-trip inspections that allow you to keep a real-time check on the health of the vehicle and the driver’s progress. In the end, it is also the responsibility of drivers to take care of the vehicle. It is vital to provide proper guidance and training to the drivers. It also offers a feature to customize inspections with over 100 options. Isn’t it just amazing?

Beans route has integration with Lytx which provides DVIR Service to keep your fleet running. It is a driver vehicle inspection report that ensures the fleet is in good health and running smoothly.
“Opt Beans Route as your fleet management software and improve your fleet’s lifespan.” 

3. Timesheets & Scheduling

It is a tedious task to maintain manual timesheets and records of drivers. Fleet Management Software prevents employee time theft thereby keeping a track of driver’s job-in and job-out time. Scheduling your fleet is possible when you have smart GPS-tracking devices installed in vehicles. It allows fleet managers to assign routes and vehicles as per requirements. 

Automated scheduling empowers managers to feed heavy volumes of data into the software. The proprietary algorithms in the backend sort the scheduling and assign the packages to respective vehicles. It is easy to locate based on unique shelf IDs generated in the software. 

Beans route is one of the first software to add the feature of timesheets and scheduling. The drivers can clock in/out, and clock the break time in the app. To discourage poor attendance the software hide routes until drivers clock in. It provides an AI-powered 7 days schedule, where the managers can approve time-off requests with a click of a button. 

Beans Route empowers fleet managers to calculate labor law-compliant hours for payroll. It helps to reduce 18% overtime costs with proper timekeeping. 

4. Driver Safety & Training 

You can’t step into each of your vehicles and keep an eye on your driver’s behavior. Traffic violations are easily avoidable if your drivers are trained properly. It is the responsibility of businesses to keep their drivers and vehicles safe on road. 

Automated driver’s training programs are the key to modifying their behavior and eliminating dangerous driving. The training prepares the drivers to be compliant in the delivery process starting from dispatch to delivery. It includes obtaining proof of delivery, taking notes, and a complete behavior training for the job.  Machine vision and AI technology can detect distracted driving and professional review. 

As per a recent report, 42% of businesses have shown fewer safety incidents since using fleet management software. It is a powerful and efficient solution to improvise your fleet maintenance and meet safety mandates

Beans route authorizes fleet managers to ascertain the pass and fail status of driver's training. You can keep an easy check on the pending training. The drivers receive an in-app notification to complete the training. Managers can monitor the progress of the drivers using a single dashboard. 

5. Real-time Fleet tracking 

Real-time fleet tracking helps managers to monitor and manage their fleet while on road. You can pull the real-time updated reports and get valuable insights. 

GPS tracking systems, maintenance logs, and other tracking matrics make sure that the drivers meet your business expectations. Fleet managers can easily track where the vehicles are and analyze routes. You can also access the real-time driving video of the driver. This feature helps businesses to reduce costs and improve the all-around efficiency of fleet operations. 

You can view your fleet’s progress on the Beans Route app. It notifies the managers if the driver goes off his/her route. You can even determine if you need to create rescue routes. Admins can monitor the analytics of individual driver performance and get useful insights into your fleet’s performance. 


An AI-based based Fleet Management Software is the best way to increase fleet efficiency. GPS tracking devices, AI-based reports, and API integrations deliver a consolidated view of your fleet. Connect with Beans route and streamline your fleet operations.

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