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5 Reasons to Use Logistics Management Software

Logistics management software helps you simplify operations & provides faster delivery at a reduced cost. Start a free trial today to see the benefits.

Logistics management software can help you optimize your business, cut costs, and provide faster delivery. If you own or operate a delivery service and want to scale your business or compete against delivery giants like Amazon, then you need logistics management software. Today’s consumers expect fast and free delivery.

There has been an increase in customer expectations of service levels and specific time windows. Organizations become successful when they can operate efficiently and keep their customers happy. According to a recent study, 91% of unhappy customers just leave and never return to the same platform. 

Surviving in this competitive market is a tough row to hoe. Businesses need to gear up and uncover potential options that will help them. Maintaining supply chain logistics visibility while reducing logistics costs is like walking a tightrope. It is vital to adopt strategies that aim at reducing costs and making last-mile delivery efficient.

Logistics Management Software    

We have been talking about last-mile delivery being the most expensive step of the supply chain. But, why is it so? The exceeded number of stops on the routes is the biggest reason. With a rise in customer demands, businesses are in dire need to craft AI-based last-mile delivery solutions. Which are cost-efficient and derive customer satisfaction. The use of last-mile delivery software becomes necessary. Smart logistics management software increases the delivery rate up to 40%.

Beans Route is a top last-mile delivery software that caters to the complex needs of delivery businesses. The software makes last-mile delivery easy, transparent, and controlled. It allows the companies to manage it in an efficient, transparent, and controlled manner.

Let’s deep dive into that why you should be using logistics management software to avoid last-mile delivery issues.

5 Reasons to invest in the last-mile delivery software:

1. Saves time and cost:

Depending on a fully automated logistics management software helps businesses to save time and cut costs. Computing each report manually and analyzing a massive database is a tedious process. It has a high chance of human error. 

Last-mile delivery has been identified to account for more than 50% of overall logistics costs. After the pandemic, customers are expecting same-day deliveries, which requires logistics companies to sort last-mile deliveries. You can boost your last-mile delivery operations with Beans', it is a fully automated one-stop solution. It significantly improves overall efficiency by reducing cost and saving time.

2. Efficient Route Optimization:

The most common reason for delayed deliveries is non-optimal routes. Some unexpected situations like heavy traffic and climatic changes also add up. A well-versed AI-based logistics management software optimizes optimal routes erasing chaos.

Assigning routes to the drivers becomes extremely easy. The real-time tracking feature of the software helps to instantly change the routes to reduce on-road problems. With the advancement of technology companies are coming up with dynamic features to support business logistics operations. 

Beans route’s logistics management software also provides access to dynamic route optimization to drivers. Drivers can adjust the delivery stops and determine where they want to deliver first and last.

3. Order Management:

Seems like a short and easy process, but order management is more than just receiving and fulfilling orders. It involves an overload of steps. Organization of the inventory databases, collecting data, processing of orders, and enabling the fulfillment of orders. Furthermore, arranging the pickups time window is also a part of order management.

Opting for logistics management software helps in streamlining the overall order management process. It greatly improves the processing efficiency of the delivery managers. Logging in to a single software to manage all from planning, tracking, dispatching, and executing deliveries.

4. Automated Logistics Analytics:

Logistics management software allows businesses to generate automated reports. The reports provide actionable insights to improve your business performance. Inventory reports, fleet management reports, delivery reports, etc. assist smooth workflow of the logistics operations.

Beans route supports the maintenance of timesheets of drivers. Calculation of payroll and other balances becomes a cakewalk. Easy access to data simplifies the analysis procedure and helps businesses to cut down last-mile delivery costs.

5. Helps in driver training and safety:

Yes, this is a wonderful reason why companies should invest in logistic software. Businesses can set a standard training module for all newly hired drivers. Driver safety is also ensured with better route planning. Useful vehicle maintenance reports make sure that there are no vehicle breakdowns. On the whole, logistics management software puts you in a win-win situation.  


As the logistics market is growing rapidly, the use of logistics management software has become really important. It is essential to adopt smart logistics management software. It will help you to excel in making fast deliveries and running economically.

It is worth investing in AI-based, logistics software. To scale up your business and sort your supply chain, get in touch with us by visiting or contacting us at

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