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3 Reasons Why Food Delivery Companies Are Switching to Beans

Beans' apartment-level data helps food delivery platforms boost customer satisfaction and increase driver safety.

Food delivery is all about timing. If a customer receives fresh, hot food right on their doorstep, then they will be more likely to make another order on the same platform for future meals. On the other hand, when food arrives soggy, cold and unappealing, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth towards that delivery service. 

The need for prompt deliveries has led many services, including leading food, grocery, package and pharma delivery companies, to partner with Beans provides precise location data and directs drivers to within 10ft. of a customer’s doorstep, even at large apartment complexes. This data not only shaves off up to three minutes on every delivery, but it also helps keep the driver safe and puts more money in the platform’s pocket. 

Top three reasons to use Beans:

  1. Improved customer experience

When a customer places an order on a food delivery app, they expect their food to arrive within the estimated time frame provided by the platform. A customer’s food should be as fresh and warm as if they had picked it up themselves. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen this way. 

Many drivers get lost while completing deliveries to unfamiliar locations. This is especially true for apartment complexes. The problem stems from the fact that GPS often provides macro navigation, but fails to offer guidance on the micro level. For example, many drivers who type in an address of an apartment unit discover that they are directed to the leasing office, parking lot, or random street location near the complex. 

Customers who live in hard-to-find addresses such as these have a poor experience with the food delivery service. Food that arrives cold, soggy, and behind schedule makes their order feel like a waste of money. Multiple calls or texts from a driver asking for directions may be a source of irritation for the customer, especially if it’s a repetitive issue. And in some cases, the food may not be delivered at all if the driver is unable to close the gap between where GPS leaves them and the actual location of the customer’s front door. 

Many customers express their frustrations on social media. Among the hundreds of posts surrounding this issue on Reddit, one person posted

I live in an apartment complex and there are two buildings with the same name. For some reason doordash always simplifies my address to the general road instead of the building and I'm tired of getting food delivered to the wrong side.

This lack of adequate location data causes many customers to have bad experiences with a delivery platform and discourages them from using that app for future orders. 

Delivery platforms that equip their drivers with the micro location data Beans provides can boost their customer experience by up to 20% and guarantee fresher and faster deliveries. Beans data takes drivers within 10ft. of a customer’s front door to reduce failed deliveries by 25% and calls to the customer by 75%. Beans data also informs the driver of the best places to park and enter a complex in order to reach the customer in the most efficient way possible. This data often reduces delivery times by up to 3 minutes.  

  1. Driver Safety

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2018 data, delivery drivers have the sixth most dangerous job in the country. While many of the fatalities that occur on the job come from car accidents, an increasing number of gig workers are being assaulted, or even murdered, while completing deliveries. 

In January, two drivers were murdered on separate occasions while making deliveries in the same region of Northern Texas. In March, an UberEats driver in Washington, DC died after two teenage girls tased him in an attempt to steal his car. And in May, a GrubHub driver completed a delivery after being stabbed in the abdomen on his way to the customer’s residence.  

Amidst the spike of violence and carjacking, delivery drivers are seeking the means to better defend and protect themselves. While stun guns, firearms, and pepper spray may help in the event they are attacked, the incident itself may traumatize the driver and cause other drivers to be apprehensive about continuing in their line of work. 

Drivers who become lost while making deliveries in unfamiliar areas paint themselves as easy targets. Beans' data solves this problem by providing drivers with waypoints that shows them where to park, which gate to use, where the elevators or stairs are located, and the location of the customer’s front door. 

Delivery companies who take advantage of Beans data help protect their drivers with clear directions to a customers residence and get them back to their car in the shortest time possible. 

  1. Expanding Data

As Beans continues to experience rapid growth, the company continues to build a superior database of precise location data. Beans currently has over 10 million hard-to-find addresses in its database and has thousands more added everyday. 

Delivery services that equip their drivers with Beans data make deliveries easier and more profitable for their drivers. Drivers find that apartments are no longer difficult to deliver to and are able to complete those deliveries as quickly as residential ones. 

Platforms can also request specific areas to be mapped if they are not found in Beans existing database. These requests are often fulfilled in less than a week. 


Companies like UberEats and InstaCart partnered with Beans for the many benefits listed above. Whether your company is well established and flourishing or just starting off, Beans can help your business gain and retain customers through quick and reliable service. 

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