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Simple Improvements to Boost a Field Service Company’s Success

Learn how business management software can streamline your day-to-day operations.

The field service market is growing. Last year, the industry brought in $3 billion in global revenue — but by 2025, the market is predicted to reach 5.1 billion, giving it a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11%.

However, despite the market growth, around 52% of companies still use manual methods to complete the majority of their service tasks, such as creating routes and sending customer notifications.

Companies that wish to take advantage of the industry’s expansion and growth must look for innovative solutions to automate and improve their day-to-day operations in order to provide better customer service and increase its profitability.

Business management software equipped with precise location data can help field service companies streamline its operations with enhanced routing and automated customer notifications that provide accurate ETAs.

Improved routing

Technicians rely on GPS to navigate them from one worksite to another. For simple addresses, like single-family homes, this may be an adequate tool to use for directions. However, when jobs are located within apartment complexes, rural areas, office buildings, industrial parks, and other places GPS does not have mapped, field workers are left to search for service locations on their own.

Lack of direction to a service call can result in a technician falling behind schedule, especially if it occurs multiple times throughout the day. Take service calls to apartment units as an example. GPS typically lacks the navigation a technician needs to locate a particular unit and instead directs them to the leasing office or to a random point throughout the property. At large complexes, this mix up can cause a technician to park at the wrong location and spend time trying to find the right unit. Once they’ve found the correct apartment number, they then have to walk back to their vehicle and park closer to the actual unit’s location so they can access their gear as needed. All together, missing navigation for the tail end of their drive can put a technician over 20 minutes behind schedule.

Beans Route saves technicians hours throughout the week by directing them straight to the doorstep of apartment units, condos, and other hard-to-find addresses.

To eliminate navigational confusion, field service companies that use a business management solution, like Beans Route, can provide technicians with directions to within 10ft. of a service call’s location. This precise data makes calls found within apartment complexes, college campuses, industrial parks, hospitals, rural areas, and other complex destinations easy to find.

Furthermore, pin markers can be created and dropped to mark the exact location of machines, heavy equipment, computer networks, etc. that require recurring maintenance work throughout large industrial areas or business complexes. These markers make micro-routing possible for future visits which help a technician complete his/her service in a quick and efficient manner.

Accurate customer notifications

Companies frequently provide clients with large appointment windows for when they can expect a technician to arrive. These wide timeframes are designed to give technicians the wiggle room they need in order to spend extra time with clients who need additional assistance or continue working on jobs that are more time consuming than originally anticipated. However, wide arrival estimations can interrupt a client’s schedule and frustrate their ability to properly plan around the scheduled service.

To counter these issues, companies can set up automatic notifications to alert clients when technicians are on en route, minutes away, and when they’ve arrived. Notifications make a service less disruptive to a customer’s day as they are made aware of a technicians precise ETA.

While there are many ways to set up customer notifications, a business management software prevents companies from having to use multiple programs and keeps their operations all within a single dashboard.

Business management solutions that include precise location data create the most accurate ETAs because technicians don’t waste time trying to find the customer’s location. Accurate ETAs boost customer satisfaction and help establish trust with the field service company.

Business management software with precise location data

Presently, Beans Route is the only complete end-to-end business management solution that incorporates precise location data to its routing software. In fact, Beans Route provides 911-grade location data that no other company in the US has, including the Federal Government.

This data is used to create optimized routes and navigation that takes users to within 10ft. of a destination’s front door. Field service organizations that use Beans Route experience a boost in customer satisfaction, happier technicians, and greater time management as field workers avoid wasting company time searching for customer locations.

Beans Route is also the only business management and routing software that currently offers comprehensive timesheets and scheduling built-in to its dashboard. The timesheets feature helps companies comply with labor laws and use one dashboard to view technicians’ schedules and time off requests.

Other features Beans Route offers include:

  • AI-powered route planning and dispatch
  • Real-time fleet tracking
  • Fully integrated electronic logging device (ELD) solution
  • Clock in/clock out
  • Fully integrated driver safety training
  • Route progress in dispatcher
  • Device agnostic
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Ability to drop pins and draw maps
  • 3-minute driver training
  • 24/7 US-based support
  • No contracts

To learn more about Beans Route or to see a demo, contact support@beansroute.ai or visit www.beansroute.ai.

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