Fedex DRO: Server Outage impacting routes and drivers

Fedex server outage impacts drivers, routes, and customers. Here's what you can do to future-proof your drivers and routes from outages.

Fedex is experiencing a server outage that is preventing DRO from running. This means package data will not come through for an undetermined amount of time on Dec.6. This Fedex outage will also prevent syncing of manifest data, scanning packages for routes, and unpopulated Inbound Non Van Scan reports. Severe delays of packages will undoubtedly be a result of this outage as well. 

Drivers are left scrambling to find a solution to this outage. 

To understand why this is a major issue, let's first look at what Fedex DRO is and how it affects drivers.

What is DRO at Fedex?

Fedex DRO stands for Dynamic Route Optimization. It is a product of Fedex meant to enable third-party drivers with the ability to optimize their routes daily instead of semi-annually or annually. This optimization takes into account different factors when optimizing routes such as weather conditions, traffic data, or construction that may affect a route. 

That's why an outage of this nature is a major event-- it's affecting not only the drivers but also the customers and businesses relying on receiving their packages. 


What can Fedex drivers do to solve for the DRO outage? 

Drivers should be looking for alternate tools that enable them to create routes, scan their packages into their manifests, and optimize their route. If possible, they should also look for tools that include the ability to complete digital handsheets without having to use pen and paper to reconcile and deliver packages. 


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