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Delivery management software – Features you must know

AI-based delivery management software is a fantastic solution for retailers. Helps in automated scheduling, seamless integrations, reports, and analytics.

There has been a significant increase in the demand for fast and flexible delivery services. The majority of customers are not willing to wait until the next day for delivery. They demand one-or two-hour window of their choice.

As per a recent report, 41% of customers are willing to pay high for window delivery. This is where the need for delivery management software comes into the picture. Retailers are looking for robust and scalable solutions that can enhance their delivery services. 

Logistic businesses transporting their packages to the end customers are rapidly adopting delivery management software. According to recent research, the DMS market is expected to reach US$ 4011.82 million by 2027. It’s huge! 

Delivery management software automates your end-to-end logistic operations. In addition, it also assists admins or contractors in simplifying their business operations and achieving healthy profit margins.

Why should one go for Delivery Management Software?

Delivery management software is a platform using which logistic businesses and retailers can automate and streamline their entire delivery operations. Generally, cloud-based software is implemented to simplify the delivery process.

Retailers can significantly improve the efficiency of workflow. The benefits of delivery management software are not limited to the logistics team. Your finance team also finds it helpful to keep track of payments and expedite the invoicing process. Overall the software aims at allowing your business to have visibility over every single shipment, resource usage, and areas where improvement is required. 

Beans Route is an AI-based delivery management software that is designed for you to efficiently facilitate every step of the delivery process. Throughout the entire process of receiving orders and dispatching packages to customers, everything is automated.

Customers who have a delightful delivery experience definitely return. So delivery management software has the potential to build a loyal customer base for you. However, not all the solutions available in the market offer support to all your logistic operations. In this article, we have prepared a list of features that you should consider while considering the best solution for your business.  

Feature #1 

Route Optimization

Dispatchers spend a lot of time planning routes every single day. It is hectic to coordinate with customers, drivers, and delivery partners every time. Route planning might seem easy but there are a lot of factors involved in it. Changing traffic patterns, regulations, and exceeded number of deliveries require better route planning. Delivery management software is integrated with route optimization. 

You can map optimal routes for multiple drivers, keep track of each driver’s route and support a wide range of operations. The integration of delivery management software with the route optimization process cuts the tendency of human errors. 

Beans Route is an AI-powered delivery management software that has raised the bar for all routing platforms. It optimizes the routes in a manner that reduces the delivery time by 25%. Provides exact pick and drop locations for the drivers. The driver has to walk 100 ft. less per stop.

Beans route fills in the gap between the “you’ve arrived” notification on GPS and the actual front door of a drop-off or pick-up location. The managers can optimize up to 10,000 stops in just a few moments, and plan routes across 25+ parameters. 

Feature #2

Real-Time Visibility & Customer Communication

What do you call a successful delivery? A satisfied and happy customer with an elated delivery experience consisting of seamless delivery, and receiving timely updates equals successful delivery. Smart delivery management software must allow managers to send order status updates via texts or emails.

It is vital for brands to receive real-time updates of orders. It allows the managers to make last-minute changes as required. Delivery management software must provide managers with all the information about the drivers en route. Moreover, managers should be able to receive notifications that indicate if a package has been picked up by the driver. 

For retailers who want to increase customer satisfaction must definitely look for a live chat feature. Customers ask for real-time updates on their packages. So introducing a chat feature enhances customer communication.  

Beans Route views drivers' progress in real-time and sends automatic customer notifications regarding the package status. It also sends the accurate ETA to the customers. The managers can also preset and send customized notifications to the customers for enhanced communication. Your customers will have a smooth and hassle-free experience. With the Beans Route delivery management software, you have full visibility of your delivery progress. 

Feature #3

Reports and Analytics

With the advancement of technology logistics businesses are making data-driven decisions. To meet the increasing customer demands it’s important to rely on analytics rather than manual observations.

AI-Powered delivery management software must have a feature to provide analytic reports. These reports must reflect some insights on important metrics like drivers’ behavior, route performance, vehicle health, cost per stop, cost per route, etc.

Beans Route is a one-stop delivery management software. It empowers the managers to fetch reports based on different metrics. You can easily pinpoint the pain areas and increase your operational efficiency.  Using Beans Route software the admins can calculate the mileage matrics, driver performance, stop status, costs per stop, fleet health, and driver’s behavior. That’s a lot you get. Easy integration and immense benefits. 

Feature #4

Automated Delivery Scheduling 

It has always been a challenging task for dispatch managers to assign drivers and packages. So your Delivery management software must have a feature to allocate drivers and assets based on a wide range of customized attributes set by you. These can be the weight, and height of the package. It is a time taking process to manually assign packages to the drivers. So, if you are a retailer who caters to high delivery volumes every single day this feature becomes a mandate. 

Beans Route includes an AI-based delivery that automates scheduling. It helps the dispatch managers to easily assign a huge number of packages to the relevant drivers. It avoids the hassles of scheduling each task for your agent. This feature helps you to save time and cut costs. 

Feature #5

Seamless Integrations

Switching to new software every now and then is a hasty process. It’s vital to choose a delivery management software that can manage integrations seamlessly. Retailers and brands struggle hard to manage high volumes of deliveries. They often look out for third-party integrations, but honestly, that's a pain.

Apparently, it takes time to adapt altogether to a new software but it should not disrupt the operations. Smart delivery management software solves this problem. It allows seamless integration with other tools. 

Beans Route is a wonderful solution when it comes to seamless integration. Retailers can even request the addition of new features that are required by them. Beans Route is one of the best delivery management software that builds and introduces new features every now and then. It seamlessly integrates with your existing processes. 


An AI-based delivery management software provides a plethora of benefits to the brands. It’s important to go through the list of features before investing in the software.

Beans Route is an amazing AI-powered delivery management software that empowers retailers and brands to make deliveries in the most efficient way. Helps in saving time and reduces costs. You can book a free demo, and for more information, you can get in touch with our team at

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