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Dynamic Route Planner feature optimizes over 10K stops in minutes

Beans Route new feature, Dynamic Route Planner, optimizes over 10K stops in minutes.

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PALO ALTO, Calif—The parcel industry is under pressure from inflation, so carriers and couriers must build efficient route plans and delivery areas., a geospatial data creation company that maps complex addresses and surrounding points of interest, has added "Dynamic Route Planner," a modern AI-powered feature to its delivery management platform, Beans Route, to help delivery service providers and courier companies plan their operations better. Beans' Dynamic Route Planner allows customers to optimize over 10,000 stops in just a few minutes and calculate how many drivers they would need to deliver every stop. With over 300x300 matrix computation capability, Beans DRP is the most powerful route planner in the industry." said Akash Agarwal, Chief Business Officer at

Since launching the "Dynamic Route Planner" feature, has fielded more than 100 related inbound inquiries and signed dozens of customers enticed by the technology. In addition to the new feature, Beans Route customers, which include FedEx Ground, Uber, and Instacart, enjoy hyper-accurate location data and driver notes to optimize drop-off and pickup rates, real-time notifications to help drivers communicate with customers, an integrated system to help with fleet management, opportunities to monitor performance analytics, and tailored coaching for struggling drivers. According to internal data, Beans Route customers make 20% more deliveries per hour, experience 15% less driver churn, a 74% reduction in failed deliveries, and boost customer satisfaction by 70% thanks to fewer interactions with drivers since the data precisely navigates them to within 500 feet of the front door.

"As one of Beans' first customers, I can attest that this technology pays for itself. At Prologics, we were able to cut down our mileage by 40%," said Harpreet Juneja, Head of Business at Prologics Inc.

Founded in 2018 by former engineers from Uber, Google, and Yahoo, who experienced the inaccuracy of mapping firsthand during a family emergency, details the precise locations of secondary addresses found within larger, primary address sites, like apartment complexes, condominiums, hospitals, and colleges. This sub-address-level data is made available through geocoding and feature services, allowing users to search and find unit locations and semantic waypoints easily.

"I first noticed the massive shortfalls of mapping as a concerned son waiting for paramedics to arrive and treat my mother, but quickly realized the problem facing the delivery industry was much more complex," said co-founder and CEO Nitin Gupta. "One of the most frustrating and common pain points is that the scanners drivers and companies rely so heavily on to track deliveries are easy to lose and hard to find. We started to address the problems we were witnessing in the delivery ecosystem. This latest feature is an extension of that mission, which is becoming more critical every day as the popularity of e-commerce expands worldwide."

About is a geospatial data creation company that maps complex addresses and surrounding points of interest, including building entrances and stairwells, that prove critical in efficiently locating hard-to-find destinations. Access to's data precisely navigates to the second address's front door through semantic waypoints. With over 8 million apartment units mapped, hosts the largest database of precise mapping locations in the United States. For additional information, please visit

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