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Beans Recruiting - Common Mistakes Made During Hiring

Hiring has always been a difficult task. Contractors commit some common mistakes while hiring. Let's walk through & see how these can be avoided.

The shortage of drivers is most likely to be mentioned by anyone who works in the transportation industry. So, in this blog, we will cover the common mistakes contractors make during the hiring process and how you can avoid them. Beans recruiting has processed over 180,000 candidates for more than 100 contractors over the last years. The recruiting was done for FedEx PnD contractors and other linehaul contractors. 

During the process of recruiting for every size, type, and varying levels of experience in all these years, we observed that there are some repetitive mistakes that contractors commit. Every year we marked that a handful of contractors get terminated by FedEx. The reason behind termination is mostly the inefficiency in completing the deliveries due to driver shortage.

According to a report, by 2018, the shortage had left 60,800 positions unfilled, and it’s believed the shortage could reach as high as 160,000 unfilled positions by 2028. If you don't have enough drivers, you will be unable to enforce culture, safety standards, and service standards. Shivam, the subject matter expert who heads Beans Recruiting says in this case - “The drivers start running the business rather than you running the drivers.”

We find the solution fairly simple. It is self-serving but "always keep recruiting", you can’t stop. We know that recruiting is a minimum 14-15 day funnel if you know how to do it right. If you are continuously recruiting, you have got a pipeline of candidates coming in. This enables you to be extremely strict, have a no-nonsense policy, and remove the bottom 10% of your drivers every month. It creates a culture of performance at your entity and that goes a long way. 

Besides always recruiting, there are 3 common mistakes that every contractor should introspect and course correct.

1) Professional Expectations:

Contractors expect candidates to behave in the way they do. But it is important to understand that the drivers don’t come from the same situation or background as we often come from. Often they do not come from the most stable settings, they might be trying to do their best, but their best might not be good enough for you. Contractors reject candidates on the basis of them not picking up calls and responding. 

You never know how hard they are working, maybe 12-18 hours without being able to take calls. It is important to ensure that you are covering all your basis. You have to be really consistent, sometimes it could be someone who is 21 or 22. Kids of this age don't show up for interviews in a jacket and a tie anymore. They come in sneakers and a t-shirt. It is a blue-collar job. So you should not judge them. No, we are not saying you to lower your standards but to be a little more realistic and empathetic! 

2) Contractors don’t reach out to candidates: 

There are a number of steps in the hiring process. After completion of the first screening, the candidate has to pass a drug test. If you are a FedEx contractor you know that your drivers can’t get on the truck without a drug test. If the candidate fails to get the test done contractors don’t reach out to the person. As a result, they have a notion that if a person is not bothered, I won't call him for the road test.

As mentioned earlier, we don’t consider that most of these persons may be employed.  If you expect them to take 3-4-5 hours off for the drug test for a job they don’t even know they have. It is again unfair to the candidate. 

Keeping the candidates aside just because they haven't done the test is unfair. You could lose the best of a candidate. We have seen good candidates being rejected on this basis, who then have re-applied for another contractor, and have been working amazingly. So, it is important to assimilate feedback from both sides. 

In the current labor market, we don't have the luxury of just passing on candidates or waiting until they submit their drug tests.

Contractors are elongating the recruiting process by another 7 days with this. if the person’s background is clean you should call him for face-to-face interaction. You can always call the candidate for a short interaction, and if you get the right feeling just give him the medical paperwork, and tell him to get the drug test done. We believe it’s a chance worth taking! 

In addition, if the driver feels this is his job, he will be highly motivated to complete the test that day. Without lowering your recruiting standards you need to open up to give people a second chance. 

3) Communication : 

The biggest contributing factor to delay in recruitment and attrition is communication. Recruiting is a fast process you don't spend hours talking on a phone. The biggest reason for new drivers not joining on the very first day is that they don't feel confident.  

"Attrition is insane in this industry". Simple communication through an offer letter that states the start date, pay, benefits, and a summary of what you are committed to can do wonders. It might be a piece of paper for you but for a candidate who doesn't know you or might have been cheated in the past by an employer that piece of paper is precious. 

When drivers receive a signed offer letter mentioning the benefits and other information they feel more confident and comfortable starting the job.

Ah, down the road this letter is going to be beneficial to you as well. It will save a lot of trouble for you with the people who are pissed and confused after getting the first cheque.  Even if it’s not a statutory requirement we highly recommend contractors do the paperwork. It does not take a lot of time but goes a long way. So, communication is the key. 

We have seen extremely experienced and intelligent contractors who got 200+ routes doing these mistakes and losing good candidates. Remember, the recruiting market is still as tough as it used to be, and finding a good candidate is still as difficult as it used to be.  “The best time to be recruiting is when you don’t need to recruit.”


Hiring should never stop. Even if you think you are sitting comfortably, you never know what comes up. Till the time to gear up again, it’s already peak. Everyone is staffing Amazon, FedEx, and uber. So, be smart, keep a pipeline ready and get it going! 

Beans Recruiting is doing a great job in getting good drivers in your pipeline. Get in touch with us at for more information. 

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